Stop Letting Stress Control Your Mental Wellness

Our team makes your mental health a priority a MOMENT™ at a time.
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Stress Hurts Relationships


Your relationships with family and friends are important.  Don’t let stress control your mental wellness.  


Without mental wellness, you feel stressed out, isolated, disconnected, and defeated.  The effects of stress on your mental health affects everyone around you.  You may be missing out on dinners with friends, vacations with family, and conversations with coworkers.  With MOMENT™, our staff make your mental wellness a priority with proven strategies for recognizing and reducing stress and its negative effects on your mental well-being.  Live the life that you deserve.  Give your family and friends the you that they deserve.

Take a MOMENT™ to Take Control of Your Mental Wellness

We provide you with easy-to-follow tips so it only takes a MOMENT™ to take charge of your mental wellness.

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Recognize Triggers

Learn the triggers that affect your mental health and keep you from enjoying life.

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Connect & Control Your Reactions

Learn how to connect with your emotions so you are better equipped to control your reactions.

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Redirect Negative Energy

Gain confidence in turning negative energy into positive responses and get re-engaged in your life.

How MOMENT™ Works

Get a MOMENT™ Toolkit

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The MOMENT™ toolkit will give you proven strategies to turn your life in a positive direction.

Talk with a MOMENT™ Master

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Our MOMENT™ coaching sessions address issues that you identify as roadblocks to your mental wellness.


Meet with a MOMENT™ Master

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The MOMENT™ team meets in person with individuals and families to help everyone find their own mental wellness.


Train with a MOMENT™ Master

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The MOMENT™ team trains all size groups on mental wellness topics tailored for your group’s needs.



Still not sure about MOMENT™?

If you’re worried about this… Just remember this…
Asking for help about mental health shows weakness. Our MOMENT™ Masters strongly believe that strength comes from taking the first steps to reaching mental wellness.  Mental health is health.  No one ever got weaker asking for help.
I don’t want to talk about my mental health with strangers. All communication with our MOMENT™ Masters is strictly confidential.  Clients are encouraged to only speak about what they are comfortable sharing.
Stress is just a part of life and I have to learn to deal with it. There are healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with stress.  Our MOMENT™ Masters give you the tools to deal with stress in a healthy manner for better mental wellness.
I can’t afford therapy. Our MOMENT™ Masters use proven methods and strategies that will give you more mental energy, confidence, and strength to improve your relationships.
I can handle things by myself. Our licensed MOMENT™ Masters have extensive training and certifications in mental health and wellness.  Our coaching methods are designed to identify and address mental health issues and provide strategies for improving mental wellness and well-being.
How can you help me over the phone or the internet? As part of the wellness team of a large organization, our MOMENT™ Masters provide a variety of remote services to hundreds of staff every day.  Each MOMENT™ Master is trained to listen, discuss, clarify, and confirm information from client conversations to ensure they present the best possible strategies for every situation.
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