Housing And Community Development

Premium Housing for Families and Seniors

Our Real Estate Development team supports Affordable Housing properties in 28 Alabama counties as well as in North and South Carolina.  Check out our full portfolio by clicking the Housing Portfolio button.

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Village at Bridge Creek

Aron Boldog

Aron Boldog

Director of Real Estate Development

Amber Jones

Amber Jones

Community Engagement Specialist

Real Estate Development

Our Housing Business Unit is a high-impact team responsible for the development and maintenance of affordable housing units across the state of Alabama as well as in North and South Carolina. Multifamily and senior developments provide energy-efficient, healthy, and safe housing for income-eligible individuals and families based on the average median income (AMI) for each development location.

Community Building & Engagement

As part of the Housing Business Unit, our community building and engagement efforts focus on improving the communities for the residents we serve.  From affordable housing options to annual block makeover projects, we are committed to building and maintaining a relationship with our communities to promote healthy, safe and progressive communities for all residents.