Open the Door to Your New Home

Owning your own home is the American Dream.
You deserve to walk through your front door with pride knowing you are a homeowner.

Our HUD-certified housing counselor is ready to help you take that first step to homeownership with Homebuyer Education classes, Financial Capabilities workshops, and budgeting counseling so you never have to write another rent check again.

What Does Homeownership Mean?

You can become a homeowner with the right tools.  Move from renter to owner with our HUD-certified housing counselor.

How Can I Become a Homeowner?

Learn how you can own your own home through free monthly Homebuyer Education classes with our HUD-certified housing counselor.

How Do I Afford My Own Home?

You can own your own home with the right budget.  Learn how with our HUD-certified housing counselor.

Need More Before Taking That First Step to Becoming a Homeowner?

Buying your own home is a big step.  You deserve to feel comfortable taking that leap and making that major investment in a new home.  Get started on your way to becoming a new homeowner by finding out what First-time Homebuyers need to know and how you can become Financially Capable to be a homeowner.

What If I Am A First-Time Homebuyer?

Why Do I Need Financial Capability?

Head Shot of Candy Ayers Homeownership Director

Candy Ayers, Director of Homeownership

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