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In response to Coronavirus/COVID-19, we want remind our employees that one benefit of our health insurance plan is Teladoc

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W.O.W. June Survey

It’s that time again!  Please take the time to complete the 9-question W.O.W. June Jubilee survey.  We’d like to know your involvement in the W.O.W. initiatives since implementing them earlier in the year.  And remember, your participation can earn you a prize from the survey drawing!

Leslie Lemmon

Leslie Lemmon

Trauma-Informed Specialist

Welcome Leslie Lemmon, Trauma-Informed Specialist, to our Children’s Services Department.  Leslie is responsible for providing expertise regarding mental health education and trauma-informed support services for children, parents, and staff, including connecting staff and families to local mental health, substance abuse, and other trauma-based resources.    

Leslie brings many years of experience from other states’ Head Start programs with previous responsibilities in Education, Disabilities, Mental Health, and Coaching components as well as responsibilities for modeling trauma, informed practices, and resiliency strategies for staff through training and coaching.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Child & Family Studies from Northwest Missouri State University, a Master of Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma, and a Health and Life Coaching Certification from the Health Coach Institute. 

Good News!


UAH Early Head Start Teacher Rachel Chandler welcomed a beautiful son June 19th.  William Chandler entered the world at 7 lbs and 2 oz.  The family is home and everyone is doing well.